About Us

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An all-under-one-roof shop full of healthy and eco-friendly Organic products;
Jogacy deals in high-quality organic fruits and vegetables, Organic bread from the finest bakeries in India, Organic Personal care, Organic groceries & traditional utensils for cooking.
Aside from our gluten-free, dairy-free, and healthy food options, our health and body care department has some of the best organic beauty brands and a wide range of high-grade health supplements.
Getting reliable Organic products in India has been a hard nut to crack, it was hard and, it was expensive. Jogacy was founded to provide a solution to this problem.
We resolved to offer the best and widest range of healthy and eco-friendly Organic products in India. Our mission is to endorse health and bring a sense of innovation into shopping.
We believe in the simple truth that you should know the inside-out and outside-in of what you are consuming. We aim at ethical and Sustainable farming and emphasize the provenance of all our products.
At Jogacy, we are committed to being a loyal and innovative organic brand by offering you with trust-worthy organic buying.
We offer nothing but authentic, ethical, eco-friendly, and organic products because you have every right to live better!

Why Choose Us

Because sustainability and environment are our responsibility!

At Jogacy, we have made Organic buying easy. We take sustainability seriously and want everyone to choose Organic products with less to no environmental impact. We aim at promoting eco-friendly businesses and lifestyles. We are passionate about our planet and you as we firmly believe that living should be easy and come with no harm to the environment and the natural world.  We don’t claim to change everything overnight but a little goes a long way so it might be playing its part in increasing sustainability somewhere and that’s okay with us.

Because we say no to chemicals.

Food, in the first place, was never meant to be impurified with chemicals. It is what goes inside us so it should be free of artificial additives, hydrogenated fats, and, processed foods. Our food is nutritious, seasonal, and Organic with goodness intact. You will find wide ranges of gluten-free, dairy-free, and ground-breaking organic food well-suited for all specialty diets.

Because we don’t cost an earth

Organic products are thought to be more expensive than conventional be it food, healthcare, skin, or body care but you see if a little money buys you health and benefits in a long run, it's not that big of a deal. We know that you care about buying quality and affordable organic products so we know you want to keep a lit on costs.

Because we speak from knowledge

We might be a start-up eCommerce website but we speak from years of studying organics and health. Our research in eco-friendly Organic farming has enabled us to determine what foods are best for you to eat, what daily products are best for you to use, and what choices are best for you to make and that speaks volumes about why you should choose us.

Because we love you!

By choosing us, you enjoy the fruit of () years of experience in Organic farming and Sustainable Agriculture. All we care at Jogacy is about what adds value to you and your well-being because, at the end of the day, what matters is you and we love you!

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