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  • Selling on Jogacy is a streamlined process:
  • +  Begin by listing your products on the Jogacy marketplace.
  • +  When a customer makes a purchase, a new order notification lands in your email. Manage orders efficiently through the seller dashboard/orders page.
  • +  Take charge of delivery, either confirming shipment yourself or optioning for Jogacy's delivery service via the Shipway platform.
  • +  Enjoy the financial rewards as Jogacy deposits your funds into your bank account every 7 business days, deducting only our nominal fees. Effortless selling, swift rewards with Jogacy!

Yes, Sellers who exclusively produce organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable products are eligible to sell on the Jogacy Marketplace.

Explore our specially curated category designed to elevate your Healthy, organic, sustainable, and earth-friendly brand, showcasing:
  • +  Food
  • +  Fruits and veggies
  • +  Beauty
  • +  Hygiene and wellbeing
  • +  Household supplies and needs
  • +  Pets
  • +  Baby and mothercare
  • +  Garden and outdoor
  • +  More

No, there are no charges; registering as a seller on Jogacy Marketplace is free.

For Sellers Registering via Email:
To register as a seller on Jogacy through email, you'll need the following details:
Your business information
  • +  Contact details, including email and phone number
  • +  Product certification.
  • +  Selling category details.
  • +  Category-wise margin information.
  • +  Basic business information, such as shop name and address
  • +  Tax Registration Details (PAN and GST, mandatory for taxable goods)
  • +  An active bank account for payment deposits
  • Note:
  • +  Jogacy will send you the seller registration form via your registered email. Complete the registration using the provided details.
  • +  After successful registration, Jogacy will approve your shop for selling, a process taking up to 3 working days.
For Sellers Registering Directly:
How can new sellers register on Jogacy?
  • +  If you are registering as a new seller, register your shop using basic details.
  • +  After shop registration, verify your seller account by clicking the verification button on the seller dashboard and providing required details.
  • +  Upon successful form submission, Jogacy will approve your shop for selling, a process that may take up to 3 working days.

No, currently, the Jogacy marketplace exclusively facilitates shipments within India.

To register as a seller on Jogacy, web users can follow these steps:
  • +  Click the "Apply Now" button in the website footer menu and register by providing basic shop details.
  • +  After successful registration, option for Jogacy shipping (Shipway) and receive Shipway credentials for your shop, or skip this step if you have your own shipping partner.
  • +  List your products on the Jogacy platform either individually or in bulk using .csv format.
  • +  Edit and update product details as needed, then click the publish button to make your products live.
  • +  Access the seller dashboard to find the verification button. Clicking it will lead you to the seller verification form, which you must fill out for shop approval.
  • +  Submit the form, and your shop will be approved within 3 working days, allowing you to start displaying and selling your products on Jogacy.
  • +  For any queries, write to us at or call us at +91-91500 27604/+91-91500 27601 .Jogacy Marketplace will personally reach out to you within 3 working days via your registered email ID or contact number.

Showcase Your Products

  • +  Utilize the Web interface for individual products listing or Excel (.csv) for bulk uploads.
  • +  Procedures vary based on existing catalog entries.
  • +  After seller registration, you will receive guidance on the specific steps required for listing products. Click here to learn more about the product listing.
  • +  For any queries, write to us at or call us at +91-91500 27604.

Enhance visibility and sales on Jogacy through optimized listings by including high-quality images, clear descriptions, relevant keywords, meta tags, and maintaining competitive pricing.

Fulfill Product Deliveries

After Receiving an Order on Jogacy Marketplace, follow these steps:
For Jogacy Shipping (Shipway):
  • 1. Check your registered email and seller dashboard for a new order notification. After receiving the new order notification by email, log in to your seller account and compare the received order ID with the one on the orders page.
  • 2. Navigate to 'Orders' in the portal.
  • 3. Click the ‘View’ button on the matching order ID and download the invoice by clicking the ‘download’ button in the right corner of the order page. Before processing orders, check the payment status. If paid or Cash on Delivery (COD), proceed with delivery; if unpaid, do not process the order.
  • 4. Start packing the order and don't forget to stick the downloaded order invoice bill on the package.
  • 5. Click the 'order confirmed' button on the same order page to send the order to Jogacy shipping partner (Shipway) or self shipping (Seller's courier partner). Note: This step is also applicable for self-shipping
  • 6.After adding the product to the shipment, our delivery partner will take care of printing the delivery details slip from Shipway to attach it to the package.
  • 7. The delivery partner will contact you to pick up the shipment. After a successful pickup, update the order status by selecting ‘On delivery’ from the order page drop-down. Note: This step is also applicable for self-shipping
  • 8.After successfully delivering the product, update the order status by selecting 'Delivered' from the drop-down menu on the order page Note: This step is also applicable for self-shipping. Click here to learn more.
  • 9. Our shipping partner will keep the customer informed about the order delivery progress through email.
For Self Shipping:
  • 1. If you choose self-shipping, update the order delivery status for the customer using your shipping partner's instructions.
  • 2. For any queries, write to us at or call us at +91-91500 27604.

No need to worry about packaging material; for now, you can use your own.

  • +  The responsibility depends on the shipping option you choose for delivering your products. 1. Jogacy shipping partner (Shipway) and 2. Self-shipping.
  • 1. If you option for Jogacy shipping partner (Shipway), they will manage the delivery of products to customers, including handling returns (with return costs deducted from your funds).
  • 2. If you choose self-ship, you will personally deliver the products, using either third-party courier services or your own delivery associates.

Secure Earnings for Sales

  • +  Charges for selling on Jogacy include selling and shipping fees, determined by our shipping partner (Shipway). Click here for [Shipway rate card]. Deductions occur with each order;
  • +  Listing on Jogacy is free.

  • +  At Jogacy, we value your dedication to crafting health-conscious and eco-friendly products. While we currently offer flexibility in product margins, stay tuned for exciting updates as we're gearing up to unveil category-wise margins for a seamlessly streamlined margin assignment process.
  • +  Let's discuss optimizing your product's margin to align perfectly with your goals on the Jogacy platform. If you have category-specific margins, share them via your registered email or during the seller onboarding process/seller account verification!
  • +  For adjustments to the margin percentage based on your pricing strategy, contact us at +91-91500 27604/+91-91500 27602/+91-91500 27601 Or write to us at

  • +  Sellers become eligible for payment 7 business days after order delivery.
  • +  Jogacy guarantees secure deposits of sales earnings (minus the Jogacy selling charge and shipping fee) into the seller's bank account every 7 business days.

Navigate Seller Support

  • +  Jogacy Marketplace ensures prompt notifications for every new order. For inquiries regarding the order notifications, contact us at the provided phone number: Phone: +91-91500 27604/+91-91500 27601.
  • +  Our technical support is ready to swiftly address any technical issues that may arise, ensuring efficient resolution.
  • +  Rest easy about shipping, as our shipping partner (Shipway) handles the delivery of every order.
  • +  For any other concerns, reach out via the provided contact information. Email: | Phone: +91-91500 27604/+91-91500 27601.

  • +  Jogacy provides a selling platform and (Shipway) shipping.
  • +  The Jogacy - seller dashboard provides essential data and insights, including sales reports, product reviews, and customer feedback, to enhance sales performance.
  • +  Additionally, utilize your tools and resources, such as order management systems, analytics, and customer support, for effective sales tracking and order management.
  • +  If you have any query, write to us at or call us at +91-91500 27604/+91-91500 27604. The Jogacy support team will personally contact you via your registered email ID or contact number within 3 working days.